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Rosie Green Events is featured for the third time this year in British Vogue. The May 2020 issue’s ‘A Very Vogue Wedding’ feature includes yours truly and a fantastic (dare I say now becoming iconic?) image of one of my beautiful couples, Oli & India.

Now, every time you are featured in Vogue it’s a thrill, of course, but this issue brings with it two very special added elements.

Firstly, this issue is the first time that a durag has been featured on the cover. You may be thinking ‘why is this a big deal’ or even ‘what is a durag?’.

Funmi Fetto, contributing beauty editor for Vogue writes;

“When is a cloth not just a cloth? When it begins life on the heads of black female slaves. The ultimate purpose of the durag when it was first conceived was neither about choice nor functionality. It was enforced, a method to suppress black women’s beauty and distinguish their lowly, inferior status as labourers.

Today, the durag, an iteration of the head cloth birthed in oppression, is a celebration of black culture. Extolling its virtues are the artists who paint it, musicians who write songs about it, festivals dedicated to it and Instagram accounts born to serve it. The tainted fabric has been reclaimed as a symbol of black beauty, a signifier of style worn on the streets, the catwalk, the red carpet… And now, in a powerful mic-drop moment, the durag is making its first appearance on the May 2020 cover of British Vogue, worn by Rihanna.”

Read the full article here.

The second amazing thing about the May 2020 issue this that due to the fact that we are all currently doing our best to battle the worldwide pandemic, British Vogue 2020 has been made available for free. Woohoo! My Vogue buddy Eleanor says;

“We’re doing our best to work business as usual here, as we recognise that our magazines are providing some escape and inspiration to our readers at the moment. You may have heard that we will be making the May issue available for free via our website, so that everyone who wants to read it, can. We’re so pleased to be able to make this happen and hope it offers some light relief to everyone affected by the global situation.”

Visit the link here to access your free copy.

You can see why I am so proud to be featured in this ground-breaking issue. See me in the ‘A Very Vogue Wedding’ feature in the May ‘20 issue of British Vogue.

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Photo by Charlotte Nelson Photography
Photo by Charlotte Nelson Photography

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