Navigating the Waters of Planning a Child-Friendly Wedding


Today, I am delving into the art of planning a wedding day that’s not just adult-approved but a fantastic day for the small members of the gang, where the little ones are not just guests but are considered the VIPs of the show.


When inviting your guests you need to make sure the plans for the day are clear, and considered for the little guests you are inviting. Choose a sensible start time, one where the families attending can make it to the wedding on time. And one lovely Idea is to either do a wedding invitation for the children as well which speaks their language and makes them feel included and the parents too will feel especially considered too.

Venues that suit younger guests 

Choosing a venue that’s child-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing the flow or aesthetics. Look for spaces that offer room for mini-guests without ruining the vibe. Gardens, courtyards, or anywhere with enough room for kids to let off some steam. If you have toddlers attending, you could look to have a room dedicated to them napping.

The Menu 

Create a child friendly menu – keep it simple, keep it delicious. Fed children are often happy children… you could look at having a sundae station with more toppings than they can handle, yes will be filled with sugar but they will have fun! 

Parent-Approved Entertainment

Keeping the young ones entertained is the name of the game. Think face painting, balloon animals, or a craft corner, and my tip would be to steer clear of activities that require a manual – kids and instruction booklets are like oil and water (from my experience). For family events, I often hire a childminding company who come entertain and look after the children so the parents dont have to. 


Fruity mocktails, sparkling lemonades – give them something to cheer with that makes them feel like they’re part of the fun.

Seating Plans and Activities during Dinner

Now, for dinner time – one option is to let the kids dine with some pre-arranged childcare, maybe in a separate room while the speeches take place. If that’s a no-go, ensure the kitchen prioritises the children so they have food – children, snacks, and don’t forget activities for the tables, the parents should be set for a successful dinner.  

There you have it, my tips and tricks for hosting a wedding that’s not just for the grown-ups but a considered celebration for the parents and children. No tears, just cheers!

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With love, RGE x