We specialise in executing special, magical, and most importantly, memorable (for all of the right reasons) wedding days for all our clients. This doesn’t mean they have to be big or extravagant… We have planned some beautifully intimate weddings, which can feel just as special for both Bride & Groom, and their wedding guests.

Here are some reasons why we think small intimate weddings can be a good decision for some couples…

  1. Quality over quantity – with a smaller guest list, you can spend more time focusing on creating a more meaningful and personalised experience for you and your guests. You can splurge on wonderful food and drink which always goes down well with guests. We love working with Caper & Berry, their service is outstanding, as is their food (and don’t forget to try their cocktails).
  1. Less stress! – Planning a big wedding can be stressful. It can also be overwhelming trying to get your head around logistics to manage suppliers… not to mention potential family and friend politics! There are fewer complexities, and it may allow you to have a more relaxed planning experience. 
  1. Intimacy – Standing in front of a crowd of people to exchange your vows can feel extremely daunting for some. The smaller the wedding, the more intimate the atmosphere. You can exchange your vows in a setting that feels comfortable to you and share that very special moment with the people who matter the most. Do it your way! 
  1. Unique venues – A smaller guestlist might open the opportunity to explore more unique, non-traditional wedding venues that may not be as suitable for larger parties. Get creative, it doesn’t have to come with a ‘wedding venue’ label. 
  1. Guests experience – Chances are, your guests will appreciate a more intimate setting. They will also have the time to have quality time with the wedding party, and most importantly, you! At big weddings, your guests can sometimes get lost in the crowd, and this way you can ensure that doesn’t happen. 
  1. Quality time – There is nothing more important than making time for each other on your big day. Being pulled in every direction comes hand in hand with a big wedding. Having a smaller, more intimate setting with less hustle and bustle, will allow you to spend more one-on-one time together. After all, this day is about the two of you. 
  1. Lower cost – Last but not least, smaller weddings are more than often, budget-friendly. You will be able to focus on spending more time & money on the things that matter to the two of you the most. That might be the boutique venue, a gourmet menu, or a fine art wedding photographer to capture those authentic magical moments. If you need any wedding planning advice which is budget-friendly, RGE offers Partial Planning, The VWP, Online consultation and on the day management.

It’s important to remember that the definition of a “small” wedding can vary from person to person, and what matters most is that the wedding aligns with your vision and priorities as a couple. At RGE, we believe that whether you choose a small, intimate wedding or a large celebration, the most important thing is that it reflects your love and commitment to each other, and you do it exactly how you want. 

If you want to read more about Marquee Weddings, check out my blog here.

With love, RGE x