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If you're in the process of organising your wedding but want assistance bringing everything together, the Wedding Day Management service is tailor-made for you.

Perfect for couples who have sourced their suppliers and navigated through all the intricate details with their venue, this service steps in during the final weeks. It's designed to alleviate any pre-wedding stress, providing the assurance that either Rosie or one of her dedicated team members will be there to execute all the wonderful plans you've crafted together.

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What you can expect

Planning Review

Our process begins with an in-depth review of all your meticulously crafted plans. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every detail has been accounted for and aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Vendor Coordination

Rosie Green Events takes the reins on your special day, coordinating with all vendors to guarantee a synchronised execution. From florists to photographers, we ensure everyone is on the same page, executing their roles flawlessly.

Timeline Management

Timing is everything, and our team excels at managing the day's schedule with precision. From the ceremony to the reception, we orchestrate a seamless flow, ensuring that the day unfolds exactly as you've envisioned,

Problem Resolution

Challenges can arise, but with Rosie Green Events at the helm, you can relax knowing that any unforeseen issues will be handled discreetly and efficiently. Our team is adept at problem solving, allowing you and your guests to enjoy to enjoy the celebration fully.

Venue Supervision

Trust us to oversee every aspect of your chosen venue. Whether it's a ballroom or barn, we will ensure that the space is set up according to your specifications.

Guest Management

Your guests are our priority. Rosie Green Events provides a personal and caring service that ensures that every guest feels welcomed, comfortable, and attended to throughout the celebration.

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This is a complete bespoke service and the costs involved are very much dependent on the involvement of Rosie Green Events. Following the initial consultation, a detailed proposal will be provided.

Working with me means access to:





A proven network of trusted suppliers allowing you to maximise your budget to make every penny work for you

A result driven event planner who has delivered spectacular events at venues in both the UK and Europe

A next level organiser and multi-tasker (and as the life and soul of any party, who knows exactly which little details will make all the difference)

A planner who can deliver end-to-end events or give you the exact amount of control that you choose

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