At RGE we believe that the key to throwing a magical, memorable event is making sure we get to know our clients – it is essential to making them feel understood which is a key component to delivering a fantastic, considered event.

When you work with us we instantly become part of the team, and this is what really helps us get a sense of our client’s wants and needs. Working with a business differs from working with couples, you need to have your commercial head-on in a totally different way, but getting to know you is just as crucial.

The initial first steps would be for us to get into the detail of what you are looking to do AND WHY!

We are dedicated to understanding your business values, driving forces & visions. We don’t do stuffy, corporate team-building days, we do inspiring and enriching events that will make your employees and teammates feel valued and motivated. 

Post Pandemic, the working world has evolved. No longer is it compulsory to be in the office 5 days a week from Monday – Friday. The lack of creativity & connectivity caused by this shift is definitely a nationwide trend, and these ‘break-out’ days to be amongst colleagues in an ‘out of office’ environment are invaluable. 

Here are our 5 top tips on how to build an event schedule into your annual calendar. 

  1. Allocate a small team (or individual) to be the owner of the event calendar. These guys will be our first point of contact to make sure we are working efficiently together on a really tight brief. 
  2. Agree as a business on 3-4 dates across the year to ensure all employees can attend – an example of one of these might be your Christmas party, another might be a Summer Fete. Be creative with this, maybe you could plan an internal party around an external product launch! 
  3. Budget – yes, we have to talk money, let’s be real, it’s essential in ensuring you can execute your vision. Allocate your budget accordingly across the course of the year (this may vary depending on how big you want to go at different times, and that’s fine). 
  4. Think about how you want to split your events into social & strategic breakouts. It might be that each event is split into two parts, and you cover both. Or you may just want to take your employees out of the ‘day job’ and take a minute to slow down and re-group on a personal level. 
  5. GET IN TOUCH. This is our bread butter, and we want to help you get the most out of your employees. No matter how big, or small, we’ve got you covered. 

We are a small, creative, commercially minded team, who work with a handful of clients every year to deliver memorable events that will leave your employees feeling empowered and connected. 

We hope to hear from & see many of you soon.

I have some news about the Rosie Green Events team … check it out here.

Love, RGE.

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Love, RGE.